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The Chestnut Nail 栗爪

“The Chestnut Nail” is a device specially made for peeling TinTin Chestnut. Its patented design enables you to peel our chestnuts effortlessly, without destroying the soft chestnut kernel inside. Enjoy!

1. Using the “teeth” part of “the Chestnut Nail”, score a horizontal line of holes on the shell along the mid-section of the chestnut. 用“栗爪”齿刃在栗子中间横切压开一条线。

2. With your thumb and index fingers, squeeze the shell from both sides. The shell will open and split in half, exposing the kernel inside. In most cases, the whole kernel will come out with gentle pulling. 用手指挤压痕两侧。

3. Some kernels can break and remain in shell. With the “spoon” part, scoop them out and YUM! 用小匙剜出栗肉。

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